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At The Trading People, we give you the tools to understand the financial market including daily market reports, multiple trading tips and in-depth market and trading guides. You can also work with your own dedicated financial mentor who will help you build your skills and your understanding of how to trade successfully.

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The monthly subscription-based training packages containing daily market reports, multiple trading tips, in-depth market and trading guides, and the chance to turbo boost your learning with the help of a financial mentor. The mentor fees are $100 per hour, so consider how many hours you want to start with when you open your account with us, and add this to the amount for the package you choose.


To maximize your profit potential from your own trading activities, a monthly subscription gives you access to market reports, trading tips and guides.

The commercial value of this subscription is more than €200 ($215) per month, but you will only be charged $28.

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You can cancel your subscription to The Trading People at any time, at just one week’s notice. If you have pre-paid for your subscription, we will refund 100% of the remaining amount on your account - no questions asked.